For those stubborn spots like love handles, saddle back, muffin tops and jiggly arms, we have the technologies and know how to shrink those fats, tightens loose skin and banish cellulites for a better contoured body.


How does Cavitation dissolve stubborn cellulite?

Ultrasound cavitation strong vibration produced by the low frequency ultrasound, which effectively dissolves stubborn cellulite. Besides, due to strong vibration, thermal effect of low ultrasound frequency will be absorbed by subcutaneous tissues and converted into heat. The heat will increase cellulite temperature and gradually dissolved deep fat into liquid state, and finally except from the body via lymphatic metabolism.

How does Multi-Polar Radio Frequency shrink fat cells?

Multi-Polar is one of the most advanced breakthrough in RF technology. Multi-Polar RF Body probe utilizes RF Energy that focuses on both the skin and fat cells. This controlled depth and focused energy is completely safe and extremely effective delivering results that is visible from the very first treatment.

How does vacuum RF stimulates fat breakdown?

Vacuum + RF fat explosion can promote tissue metabolism, repel the cellulite, which shocks fat granule indifferent depths, the combustion of fatty acids at the same time will help the fat burning, to reduce the size of the fat granule.

All these with no pain, no downtime and no scars.

Depending on the issues that the customer may face at the point of treatments, the slimming Therapist will then choose ONE (1) of the following treatment procedures. (20mins)

Cavitation: Anti-cellulite

Radio Frequency Vacuum: Reduce water retention.

Radio Frequency: Further fat breakdown.

Recommendations: for faster results try our mesolipo therapy done by our in-house aesthetic dermatologist.

Target areas:

  • Eyebags
  • FACE
  • ARMS

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The procedure simultaneously uses radio frequency and ultrasound techniques to tighten skin and produce collagen in requested areas or to get rid of stubborn fat and improve the appearance of cellulite. It feels like a hot stone massage and the heat can shrink fat cells. Over the course of consistent treatments, the thickness of the fat layer decreases significantly and overall skin tightness improves.

Exilift is non-surgical face and body treatment for:

  • Unwanted fat reduction
  • Deep tissue tightening
  • Skin tightening of skin laxity
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Face lifting & skin laxity
  • Rejuvenation of intimate areas
Approx: 20-40 mins